Event Space Rental

Thank you for your interest in our space on the beautiful North Shore!

Here are our rental rates and infos for the main studio space.


email belladonnabotanical@gmail.com


When is the space available?

Our schedule is constantly accommodating new events, workshops and classes so please be sure to let us know in advance what days and times you would like to use the studio.

How many people fit?

Between 18-20 yoga mats will fit depending on arrangement. But please come and visit to see how you want to utilize the studio space.

Will you promote the event?

Website yes, on our events section. We can post on instagram if you provide us with the post (picture and captions approved by us). If you would like further promotion we can discuss that, let us know.

Do I need proof of insurance to rent the space?

(*for fitness retreats and workshops)

Probably, most insurances will want you to contact them and they will provide you with a certificate mentioning Belladonna Botanicals LLC.

What else?

The space is located on the quaint North Shore of Oahu and is air conditioned. Blocks, yoga mats, and blankets are available with advanced notice. Rest room is located past the sauna room. There is ample free parking right outside the building. Although the studio has foot traffic, we will do our best to accommodate your request! Mahalo :)

We allow one person of our designation to attend the class free of charge with your permission, as they will be coordinating opening and closing of the studio and the building for you, and attending to any light cleaning and rearranging that may need to be done.

Additional information:

Special packages are available and may include

-raw, vegan food from North Shore Coffee Bar

-Juices, teas

-Acupuncture, massage, energy healing, infrared sauna/cold plunge, and more!

-Let us know what you need and we will let you know what we can accommodate

*Important Note: Please keep in mind we have practitioners and sauna treatments taking place all week long. Therefore there will be some traffic coming through the studio almost daily. Everyone has agreed to be courteous and respectful of this especially when workshops/retreats/classes are in session, just as we ask our rentees to be respectful of the practitioners and their patients :)

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Kristine and Simona

Founders of Belladonna Botanicals LLC